About ALFA

Everyday is a new game.

The challenges fuel your ambition, your team stirs your determination and the taste of winning pushes you forwards to unleash your best performance. Everyday is another chance to encourage, to connect, to contribute, to lead, to win.

The world is your arena.

You play your game on the field, on the court, at work, on the road and at home. No matter on what field you play your game, it’s always about beating your best performance.

You can’t always win alone.

Your body and mind need superior fuels  to

            • push you forwards when you feel tired
            • recharge you when you need a healthy snack
            • refuel your body before and after exercise
            • keep you going on your travels

Alfa is your superior fuel.

Alfa is your healthy nutrition that fuels you on the way to your best performance. Alfa challenges the toughest standards in sports nutrition and functional foods to charge you with relevant nutrients and spoil you with awesome taste.

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